Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Parliamentary Aesthetics: Which party is going to be easiest on the eyes of the Canadian public?

Ok, now for something a little lighter. I apologize in advance for the blatant sexism of this exercise, but hey even geeky political junkies need to have their fun on occassion. I've taken it upon myself to seek out the the hottest female MPs in each federal party (I have no clue about the Bloc so I haven't included them- but I suspect they may have done very well in this little contest). Let see what each party has to offer.


Ok, not sure about Jose Verner, they're may be a more comely Conservative lass out there- there's too many newbies I haven't seen yet. But Ambrose is rock solid. Overall, not a bad showing at all. Not sure if anything should be read into to the fact both have considerable bouffants- perhaps a nod to the comforting fashion-sense of the 50s (the social Cons golden age)??


Again, not a bad showing. Former beauty-queen, Ruby Dhalla could pass for a Bollywood starlet. Yes, Belinda Stronach is a Con refugee, and she's showing her age that pic- but IMHO she definitely falls in the MILF category. Notice the flatter and slightly longer hair- a subtle nod to the more dynamic 60s??

At this point, I'd give the Libs a slight edge.

New Democrats:

Now, I know the NDP is working with a smaller pool here, but they really need to pick up the slack. You know it's time to have a party field trip to the day spa when Olivia Chow is actually the hottest MP in your party. Common NDP, I'm sure you can find some cute granola-girls to run for a seat the party has a chance of picking up. It's time to break the stereotype NDP, I know you can do it.

Alright, did I miss anyone in any of the parties?? I'm sure I did. Send me your suggestions ;-)


Blogger limeybastard said...

hands down the Libs win it ain't even close. Dhalla is smokin hot! even Belinda rivals any Con out there.

I don't even like the Libs either but I wish Dhalla was in my riding.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rona gets my vote. Too bad this pic isn't real.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand why you've got Alexa on there but disagree with your comment on Olivia Chow. She looks pretty good to me.

4:31 PM  
Blogger A. Shah said...

I just checked out that Chow pic. Not bad at all. Is that real or the product of some horndog with too much time and a copy of photoshop?

Alexa is on there because believe it or not she's probably the second best looking MP for the NDP at present. For shame NDP, for shame.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous TheCrassPundit said...

Now I know this hole deal is a silly, but to play along, I feel Helena Geurgis is a must on the list.

I'd say she ties with Ambrose for Hottest-In-da-house. Hahaa

4:15 AM  

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