Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Political Obituary: Paul Martin (1988-2006)

Just about every pundit out there is praising Mr. Martin doing the 'graceful' thing and bowing out as leader of the Liberal Party. I couldn't agree more with this. He probably could have hung on for a while. There would have been some rationale for it since the minority mandate Harper has is quite weak, and at the moment there doesn't appear to be an obvious candidate to fill take his place. Of course the downside would have been a tremendous amount of bad blood. Instead, he has done what most acknowledge is best for the party and resigned immediately. Classy, elegant, graceful, are appropriate words here. Even more appropriate would be selfless since he has put his party first before his own political ego, and astute for realizing so quickly what indeed was best for the party. Many surrounded by their acolytes, (and Martin certainly has plenty, people who have spent over a decade committed to the idea of PM P.M.) would have insisted in fighting on in the same circumstances, one has to credit Martin for having enough objectivity to realize the Liberals will be better off with a new leader.


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