Sunday, January 22, 2006

When will the Martin campaign learn....

Just saw the Liberal campaign rally in Vancouver. The CBC interrupted their regular programming for it, I'm assuming they'll do the same for the other party rallies. Again, Martin is resorting to the typical hysterics about the evils of Harper and the Cons. I believe to most voters it will just come across as more shrill hyperbole. The disingenuous shrillness of the Martin campaign ends up reinforcing the idea of Liberal arrogance since it suggests that the Libs know best and don't trust the voter to make a decision based on honest facts themselves. Martin has kept repeating that he is certain the Canadian public agrees with his party- he's absolutely convinced that he knows what's the best for Canada. If the guy just qualified his statements a bit, indicating that this is what he believes rather than the irrefutable truth, it would go a long way in dispelling the elitist/privileged odour the Libs reek of at the moment. The Martin people could learn a lot from the Harper campaign- projecting a little democratic humility (acknowledging the mandate ultimately comes from the people) can really go a long way with the voters.

Another gaffe...Martin actually said a vote for the NDP won't make any difference. I can't see a comment like that convincing anyone not to vote for the NDP. The only thing I can see it doing is infuriating people and convincing them of liberal arrogance. Saying something like this when most people are fairly convinced the Libs are going down will most likely do more damage than good.

Another problem...Martin's unrelenting enthusiasm and energy in this rally just doesn't seem appropriate when there is every indication they're going to lose power for the first time in 12 years. Why should people believe all the Libs propaganda about the Cons, when they themselves don't seem all that upset on the eve of electoral defeat. He should at least had a few grave and serious moments focusing on honestly contrasting substantial differences in policy, rather than just spouting the old hyperbole. I'm hoping the calm Martin is showing isn't coming from a belief that he can carry on unperturbed as Liberal leader after screwing up this campaign so badly.

Any other opinions out there on the flaws of Martin's campaign?


Blogger Oleksa said...

Good analysis. So Martin displays 'liberal arrogance'. Surprise, surprise! coming from the natural Governing party of Canada (well, that just me being a nasty Conservative :-)).
I've seen a few of his recent campaign appearances and frankly his 'misplaced' vigour and fearmongering smacked of desperation. I think the man simply is not very good at campaigning. He was a capable Finance minister and adept at working behind the scenes and when it came down to a real fight, he's lost and confused. But again, as much as the project liberal debacle will be of Martin's own making, I doubt any Liberal would've done much better given the situation they found themselves in after Cretien's departure.

4:11 PM  
Blogger A. Shah said...

No Martin is not a good campaigner. I suspect what's worse than Martin himself is his gaggle of incompetent advisors, they've run a really sloppy campaign. The Liberals really have to make some major changes in order to have a good chance of forming the next government. I could tolerate Martin staying on for a little while longer if he made some effort to attract some of the 'old' party members. In fact, it seems like he wouldn't have much choice in that since many of his most supportive MPs have been booted out of parliament. heehee

12:11 AM  

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