Friday, February 10, 2006

Bill Bennett shares his hate with a few million viewers

CNN recently hired America's self-proclaimed paragon of virtue/compulsive high-stakes gambler, Bill Bennett, as a commentator- obviously hoping to win some cred with the wingnut set. In a debate over the Muhammad cartoons with John Zogby, Mr. Bennett decides to try and convince his viewers that Islam is an evil religion. How statesman like of you Bill, thanks for helping to defuse the incredibly tense situation. From the failed 'war on drugs', to peddling cheap fixes to 'save America's values', to his apparent present desire to wage a holy war on Islam: Is it possible for this twit to do any more damage?
P.S. Notice the perpetually-clench-jawed Blitzmeister congratulates both of them on an insightful discussion. Why do I get the sinking feeling Ben and Blitz will get along just fine?


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