Sunday, February 05, 2006

Take that Britannica

Yes, I suppose it was bound to happen. Some of the nerdy contributors of the Wikipedia have already created an entry on the
Liberal leadership convention. I suspect the handiwork of some of my fellow bloggers out there. Anyone man enough (or woman enough- but seriously, how likely is that given the dangerously low estrogen levels of the open source community??) to fess up this uber-geeky and ephemeral contribution to the reservoir of human knowledge? By the way, despite the deprecatory tone of this entry, I'm a huge wikipedia fan. Below is my best google-image-based approximation of the Wiki team that put together this entry. Maybe I'll actually add my bit to this entry at some point (If so I would probably be Booger, the one on the far right...not because I have his hygiene habits, more because I have his irreverent/cynical personality...yes I've seen this movie more than once).


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