Friday, February 03, 2006

Evo Morales: Fighting to free hideous sweaters from their closets

An article in the New York Times today describes a growing new fashion trend running through Latin America. Evo Morales the latest leftist leader to be elected in Latin America, and is the first indigenous leader of Bolivia. Evo has worn the lovely multi-stripped sweater shown above to many important state events, including a meeting with various world leaders a couple of weeks ago. Evo's repeatedly worn gear has apparently caught the attention of the style conscious, and appears to be sparking a new fashion trend. Another article in the Guardian breathlessy babbles about Evo's revolutionary style, here are some of the more informative quotes from the piece:
This week a new front-runner has emerged in the men's wear style stakes...Evo Morales, president-elect of Bolivia, has been rigorously working what is known in the world of fashion as a 'signature look.' Or, in lay terms, wearing the same thing every day, but in a good way...The irregularity and the colour of the stripes lend a slightly 80s look to the jumper, something the president elect is bold enough to embrace in the way he wears it. For a visit to an apartheid museum in Johannesburg, he styled it casually knotted, brat-pack style, around his shoulders...

Now look here Evo, I have nothing against dressing casually and showing your solidarity with the working man...but did you really have to pick such a hideous sweater?? This looks like something out of an Andean Walmart.

Fortunatley, there may be some hope yet for Evo:
Beatriz Canedo Patiño, Bolivia's best-known fashion designer, who designed outfits for Hillary Rodham Clinton during a visit to Bolivia as first lady, was called on to design a suit for Mr. Morales's inauguration. Ms. Canedo Patiño saw no need to outfit him in a tie or standard dark suit but said she wanted to avoid "screaming colors" and to devise something elegant. She went with a dark jacket and pants, made from baby alpaca and embroidered with a pre-Hispanic motif, reflecting Mr. Morales's roots. I wanted something Aymara, and Aymara culture is very rich...I respect that he does not put on a tie, but there are things that he can do to dress for the world.

Keep up the good work Beatriz; the world fashion may hang in the balance.


Blogger Oleksa said...

>Now look here Evo, I have nothing >against dressing casually and showing >your solidarity with the working >man...but did you really have to pick >such a hideous sweater?? This looks >like something out of an Andean >Walmart.

That's where a modern working man buys most of his clothes, and not at some trendy, 'authentic' shop on 5th Avenue in NY. That's where all those latte-sipping socialists do their shopping.

6:38 PM  
Blogger A. Shah said...

Latte sipping socialists eh? Only if the coffee is organically grown in a small Bolivian collective run by the people indigenous to the region. I have a feeling those latte-sippers you refer to are the ones who are most likely to get all excited over this new fashion trend.

6:49 PM  

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