Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nir Rosen: "What you're going to see in Iraq is a virtual genocide of the Sunnis"

Here's a revealing interview of the American journalist Nir Rosen on Democracy Now. He's the author of the book In the Belly of the Green Bird, an excellent account life outside the Green Zone, he's arguably the most informed American journalist in regards to the reality on the ground in Iraq (he even managed to spend some time in Fallujah...after the US army withdrew):

Some of the more interesting statements he makes in this interview:

"Shias own Iraq now and Sunnis can never get it back...what you're going to see in Iraq is a virtual genocide of the Sunnis, and the Americans are going to be able to stop that."

"Bush and Maliki are absolutely irrelevant."

"Virtually every young Shia male in Iraq supports Muqtada Al-Sadr today."

Describing a surprise appearance of Muqtada at a Shia mosque: "it was like being at a Michael Jackson concert...the crowd just went crazy"

- The Americans are powerless at this point. They can't really distinguish between factions or make any sense of the situation, the US troops mostly kill and harass innocent people.

- Anbar province (Western Iraq) may eventually join Jordan, and Jordan is a safe haven for many of the Sunni insurgents. Jordan may become destabilized in the process.

"There's no solution, we've (US) destroyed Iraq"

Here's a long but fascinating account of the civil war in Iraq by Nir Rosen:

Anatomy of a civil war.

You can find links to more of his articles in this previous post.


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