Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where's the Terror?

Some recent events which would have literally garnered 100x as much media attention if the perpetrators were Muslims:

Tamil Tigers kill hundreds of Muslim refugees.

Bombing of Russian market.

Canadian Tamil Tigers arrested buying surface-to-air missiles.

Actually the middle one could involve Muslims, the attackers aren't known yet. Seems like the 'War on Terror' is increasingly becoming one on 'Islamofascism'. A shift towards conceptualizing the conflict as a 'clash of civilizations'. I fully expect Shrub and friends to be using that latter term a lot more often.


Anonymous OnlyBrown said...

Actually, about the middle story, they arrested two Russian students who had apparently felt there were too many darkies in the country. Causing terrorism etc... You know the drill.

There's no way of having a sensible "clash of civilization" dialogue, because the whole debate's rigged. The only hope is to take the piss out of its adages and count on people see the stupidity of the whole idea. And busting some "cultural supermacist" chops in the process. This is the heads up so good people such as yourself aren't caught in the crossfire. ;)

10:10 PM  

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