Monday, August 07, 2006

A Bunch of Interesting Links on the War in Lebanon

A few of the articles I've found illuminating from the last couple of weeks about the war being waged in Lebanon. In my opinion, it's hard to find relatively unbiased information about what's really going on there given the deep pro-Israel slant of most mainstream Western media outlets. I think the following articles do a good job of addressing some of the systematic bias and outright propaganda that traditionally favours Israel.

Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon.

Chris Hedges: Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East.

It's about annexation, stupid!

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers.

Israel, Not Hizbullah, is Putting Civilians in Danger on Both Sides of the Border.

Our moral culpability for Qana.

No, this is not 'our war'.

The "hiding among civilians" myth.

IDF prepared for attack by Syria.

Noam Chomsky: U.S.-Backed Israeli Policies Pursuing "End of Palestine".

Brzezinski: Israel's Actions in Lebanon Essentially Amount to "the Killing of Hostages"

Noam Chomsky on Israel, Lebanon and Palestine.

Brzezinski: The Beginning of the End for Israel.

The neocons' next war

Now, I'm not claiming that these articles cover the whole reality of the situation, nor do they represent the 'one and only definitive truth', rather I bring them to your attention because most of them present perspectives that are rarely discussed in 'Western', particularly US, mainstream media outlets.
And yes, I know there is a couple of Pat Buchanan's editorials in the links- so what? He expresses his view on the subject eloquently, and convincingly, this happens to be one of the few areas of agreement between me and that 'paleocon' Buchanan. And of course, this point should be obvious to anyone who isn't a halfwit or a foaming ideologue, criticizing Israel does not make one an 'anti-semite'.


Blogger Oleksa said...

so you think there's a pro-Israel bias in the Western media? Ok. And you want to balance it out by presenting a bunch of articles critical of Israel and its actions. See no problem here. But you ain't sayin' so.
It would've been much more intellectually honest if you had said,
"here's a few links to some anti-Israel and/or pro-Hezbollah articles. I think it's worth reading as they provide a different perspective."
Instead you wrote:
the following articles do a good job of addressing some of the systematic bias and outright propaganda that traditionally favours Israel.

Chomsky as an 'unbiased observer'? Gimme a break!

9:17 PM  
Blogger A. Shah said...

No the links generally are not 'anti-Israel' or 'pro-Hezbollah'. Almost all of them are written from a Western perspective- one that certainly isn't 'anti-Israel' or 'pro-Hezbollah'. I'll more than likely write more about this later.

11:58 AM  
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