Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Women against women's suffrage

An amusing little demonstration of America's lax educational standards.


Blogger Oleksa said...

What's interesting is not the video in question but your particular choice of interpreting it:
-it's not 'women are stupid' (or are usually too polite to refuse to do such a thing as signing a petition)
- it's not the creators of this video just tried to pull a cheap and worn-out trick of selective editing (there's no way of knowing how many women were actually asked to sign and refused)
- what does it prove exactly? That in the English language suffrage and suffering sound quite similar and that students on campus are used to sign all kinds of petitions for all kinds of ridiculous causes (usually promoted by the Left b.t.w.)

No, out of all these, equally plausible, interpretations you chose one about 'lax American standards', as if in Canada results wouldn't be roughly the same.
IMHO, it speaks volumes about you and your own biases rather than provides anything indicative of the supposedly wretched state of American educational system.

10:36 PM  
Blogger A. Shah said...

Oh I'm quite sure you could get the same result at a Canadian school, the Canadian educational system isn't much better. Slightly better but not much better.

Unfortunately I suspect the punks that made that video had to edit it all that much. And no I don't think guys would have done much better than the girls did.

Do you honestly believe all those scenarios you outlined are equally plausible?

9:53 AM  
Blogger Oleksa said...

I'm glad you agree that ignorance knows no bounds :-)
As to your question, I think certain cultural things are more readily apparent to me as an outsider (i.e. politeness and the fact that collecting signatures for an obscure cause is a common occurence on the North American campus).
Perhaps I should qualify my point - the fact that all those girls wanted to sign such a petition is a testament not only to the prevailing ignorance but was also caused by the general proclivity to sign any kind of petition without actually understanding it (believe me, in other parts of the world people would much more leery of such a thing, i.e. in Russia)
I guess we just ascribe salience to two different but not necessarily mutually exclusive explanation:
to you it's ignorance, to me is cultural predisposition and that's why I tend to dismiss it as a mindless prank, hardly indicative of anything.

2:33 PM  

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