Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rogers, Faber, and Yergin Discuss the World Economy

Got this link through Puplava's 'Financial Sense' webpage. It's a very interesting after dinner conversation with the famous market analysts Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and Daniel Yergin. You can stream the video of this conversation here, it's a Dutch public programming production but the actual conversation is in English. Just click the video icon on the right side and the conversation will start after a Dutch language intro.
I have to admit I took great pleasure in seeing Faber and Rogers teach Yergin a few hard economic facts about our present age. Interestingly, Yergin is considered to be one of the foremost oil industry analysts in the world. Yergin also has a place among the mainstream economists out there that presently determine most institutional and national policies, he's one of the writers of Commanding Heights, a collection of mainstream economic wisdom on the 'global economy' which was made into a slick PBS documentary series. Seeing how he fares in this little discussion doesn't exactly boost my confidence in mainstream economists suggesting that there's no problem major problems with the US economy and there's plenty of oil for decades to come. Note that Yergin actually was expecting the price of oil to decline...not quite right. The conversation is a little old, took place 3 years ago, but its still as relevant today as ever. Definitely worth watching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting discussion. What everyone should know about the US economy and it's worthless fiat currency...

3:15 AM  

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