Friday, May 26, 2006

Tracking Shrubya's Crappiness

It should give Bush haters some consolation that the American public has recently been responding somewhat sanely to Shrub's disastrous presidency. Bush's approval ratings have been hovering around 30-35% for the past few weeks. If you take a look at the chart of Bush's historical approval rating the dramatic decline is pretty revealing. Following the huge increase in support following 9-11, aside from a couple of spikes surrounding the Iraq war, Bush's approval rating has been consistently and dramatically sliding downward. It's true a president's approval rating has nowhere to go but down when it's sitting at 90% as Bush's did following 9-11. However, the neverending downward slide, bolstered only temporarily by war euphoria in the lead up and start of the Iraq war, can only be attributed to his failings as president. There just doesn't seem to be a floor for how low these ratings can plunge.

For the sake of comparison, take a look at past presidents' approval ratings at the end of their terms. At present, the chimp seems to be sitting around Carter's end of term approval, but with that downward slope on his historical approval rating and 2.5 years left in his second term it looks like he'll be giving Nixon a run for his money.

In contrast, take a look at blowjob Billy's historical approval ratings.

When Shrubya entered office he vowed that his presidency would be the total opposite of Bill Clinton's. At least in one respect he appears to be well on his way to accomplishing this goal ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

President Bush is so stupid he pulled the wool over all the dumb liberals eyes with something called the Presidential Signing Statement. All those bright liberals never caught onto that. Also at least you know where he is coming from, not like the two faced liberals. Long Live President Bush.

12:06 AM  

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